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In Orbaden, right in the heart of Hälsingland, you will find our adventure park Zip & Climb with beautiful views of the Ljusna valley. With us you can go Zipline, walk high altitude courses, climb the climbing wall, visit our brewery Organic Smash and book a beer tasting with dinner in our Brasserie. In our adventure park there are adventures for both big and small

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We work actively to minimize the spread of infection. Below are the steps we have taken to ensure a safe and fun adventure.

-The guides have visors under the control of harness.

- Both guides and guests use gloves, which is a requirement with us before. This is to reduce the risk of injury but now also to minimize the risk of infection. If you do not have gloves, you can buy for 49 SEK / pair on site. We have a large selection of sizes.

-We disinfect helmets between every guest.

-Disinfectants are available at the start and during the tour.

-We have reduced the number in each group to be able to ensure distance between the guests.

-Our activities are outdoors, which makes this a fairly safe adventure.

-If you're sick, stay home!

Welcome to ZIP & CLIMB this summer!



climbing tower

  • Adrenalin:  

Come and experience our 15m high climbing tower!

4 times daily, during high season.

There are three different tracks in varying difficulty.

  • Time: ~ 2 hours
  • Price, adult (18+): 195 kr
  • Price, youth: 125 kr


  • Adrenalin:  

Adventure package SuperZipline begins with a hike up to the steep slope. There our high altitude course Hälsingevy takes us and leads us up the slope and on into the trees above the cliff towards the start of our SuperZipline.

  • Time: ~ 2 hours
  • Price, adult (18+): 695 kr
  • Price, youth: 495 kr

Extreme Adventure

  • Adrenalin:  

Adventure package Extreme begins with a hike up to the precipice. There we start with our high altitude track Hälsingevy, continue with SuperZipline and then finish with our second high altitude path, Treetop Adrenaline.

  • Time: ~ 3 hours
  • Price, adult (18+): 895 kr
  • Price, youth: 695 kr

Wild Kids

  • Adrenalin:  

Lämpligt för barn 3-9år. På barnområdet finns tre olika låghöjdsbanor, man rör sig ca två meter upp i luften och sitter kontinuerligt säkrad via säkerhetslina genom hela banan. Låghöjdsbanorna består av olika stationer som klätterplank, skateboard på lina, trapetsåk m.m. Varje bana har 6-7 stationer.

  • Time: ~ 2 hours
  • Price, children: 195 kr
  • Price, adult: 195 kr

Tree top adrenaline

  • Adrenalin:  

High up in the pine crowns next to the landing. In our high altitude course, which we have named Trädtopps adrenaline, the body really gets itself through, this is a physically and mentally tough course. The course ends with a Zipline over to the tower which stands about 50 meters away.

  • Time: ~ 1 hour
  • Pris, vuxen (18+): 395 kr
  • Pris, ungdom: 295 kr

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Opening Hours

High season: 13/6 - 16/8

Open every day of the week with different departure times for our packages: 

10:00 – SuperZipline

12:00 – SuperZipline

14:00 – SuperZipline

16:00 – SuperZipline & Extreme

18:00 - Tree top adrenaline

In our children's area Wild Kids there are four start times daily: 10:00, 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00.

The climbing tower has 4 times daily. 10:30, 12:30, 14:30 and 16:30.

Lågsäsong: Lördagar -> Resten av året

During the off-season, we are open every Saturday. The following packages can be booked: 

12:00 – SuperZipline

14:00 – SuperZipline

If you are a group of at least 6 persons you can contact us, we will check if we can get to the adventure on the desired day, which we usually get.

orbaden zip & climb

We like adventure! In our adventure park we have joined many of our interests, extreme sports, adrenaline and beer brewing! 

In 2015, the dream started to take shape and since then many fun projects and dreams have come true. Today we have a popular adventure park which is open all year round. 

We also have a brewery that produces organic and KRAV-labeled beer, under the brand Organic Smash. Today, we are found in many restaurants around our beautiful landscape but also on the shelves of Systembolaget. 

Today, the adventure park and brewery are managed by Anders Malmberg and Jonas Hildingsson. We hope you as visitors will feel welcome and that we can give you beautiful and adrenaline-filled memories!

Beautiful view

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The brewery organic smash

In the middle of the adventure park lies the brewery Organic Smash. Organic and KRAV-labeled beer is produced here. 

We offer beer tasting, brewery tour and beer and food in combination. See our different packages.

Opening hours: Open for group bookings by arrangement.

Beer tasting

Display of the brewery and brewery process together with tasting of our beers, only 4cl of beer per glass is allowed for tasting of this type (without snacks).

Price: SEK 395 / person, at least 10 people max. 70 

Time: about 1-1.5 hours

Display of the brewery and brewing process as well as beer tasting of all our varieties with local delicacies to suit the different beers.

Price: SEK 645 / person at least 10 persons max. 70.

Time: about 2 hours

In this package you have the brewery for a whole evening!

You get to see the brewery itself and the process shown incl. our tapping line live. We then tell and show pictures from when we started our little brewery until today.

Not only that, Tobias Annerhult (one of the best chefs we have in the region) will cook up a fantastic dinner adapted to the beers we have. Only local produce by season.

After dinner, of course, there is dessert, Avec delivered by Tevsjö Distillery (neighbors) and coffee from Guldrutan Kafferosteri in Söderhamn!

Price: SEK 1490 / person at least 10 persons max. 70.

at least 3-4 hours, but no later than 12:00 when we have to brew beer too.


To book a beer tasting email to: anders@organicsmash.com
If you have any questions or concerns, call: 070-66 77 805


Book a table outdoors

Visit Sweden initiated the concept "The Edible Country" and, together with Swedish regions, have created the opportunity to book a do-it-yourself meal. Gävleborg's table is located here in Orbaden, close to the adventure park and brewery. Here you can choose to do everything on your own, get help with raw materials or book a chef and beer tasting. Everything out in the outdoors!

Beer tasting

Your reservation includes a seat at the table, inspiring local recipes and a cooking kit with basic tools to prepare what you found in the woods and / or bring with you, and prepare a delicious meal.

Price: 200 SEK / person, max 12p

Time: 17:00 – 22:00

In this package you will receive a basket of raw materials for you to easily prepare a delicious dinner at our beautiful table.

Price: 349 kr / person, max 12p.

Time: 17:00-22:00

In this package Chef Anders Jonsson (Winner of Food Truck EM) and prepares a delicious three-course dinner. You will also be guided through the ORGANIC SMASH BREWERYs range of beer. All together with local history and stories.  

Price: 1795 SEK / person at least 8 people max 12.


Only bookable Mondays 1/6 - 31/8.

Contact Us

Bokningsfrågor? Telefontid 09.00 – 17.00. Annars maila så svarar vi så fort som möjligt.

  • 070 - 66 77 805
  • info@orbadenzipclimb.se
  • Orbaden 2018, 820 11 Vallsta

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