Wild Kids 12/6-19/8

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Wild Kids

In the children’s area there are three different low altitude paths, in both cases you move about two meters up in the air and are continuously secured via the safety line through the entire path. Low altitude tracks consist of different stations such as climbing boards, skateboards on ropes, ziplines and more. Each course has 6-7 stations. In addition to the courses, you also have access to a 13,5m high climbing wall with three different courses. Here, the children are secured with a magnetic brake that lowers the climber calmly and quietly to the ground when they climbed as far as they want or if they lose the bracket. In the paths, assistance is usually needed by an adult who then goes with the child in the track. At the climbing wall, the adult can remain on the ground and talk to the climbing child, and even test himself of course. The same price applies to adults as for children, you book the total number of people who will carry out the activity. We also apply drop-in according to availibility.

The times to the children’s area are booked in two-hour intervals from 10:00 am to 16:00 in high season.

High season 2018: 16/6 – 11/8.


Especially at the children’s area: The adult person is responsible for ensuring that the child / children understand how to proceed to carry out the activity in a good way. You will receive information about this from our guides. Guide will not join the course but the idea is that an adult person will accompany the child in the track and help to ensure that everything works as well as possible. If you have not booked a harness for an adult, you will not reach the child to help as it is a requirement that everyone in the children’s area has a harness and helmet in order to maintain safety.

Time: 2h incl. security review

Price Children: 195sek

Price Adult: 195sek

Weight limit for adult person in the children’s area is max 100kg



We recommend a pair of better shoes such as running shoes and preferably some kind of goretex shoes if it is less good weather. Gloves with good grip and fit are a must at our high altitude and ziplines. If you want to go Zipline and have long hair, it is a requirement that you have this set up. If you have glasses, we recommend that you use lenses instead or have a cord that you can attach to the glasses. We are not responsible for damaged glasses or other belongings during the activities.

We have gloves and hats for sale if you forget this.


Booking rules Wild Kids

Cancellation is possible with full refund (minus the bank’s transaction fees) up to one week before the activity is booked, then Orbaden Zip & Climb AB repays 50% of the amount. If canceled later than 3 days before the activity, no refund will be made.