Sick-Sack-Zip 10:00 – 12/6-19/8

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The activity begins with a walk through the birch forest up to the cliff that runs along Åsberget’s east side. From here we go down our ZickZackZip – an activity consisting of seven ziplines with a total length of over 700 meters. We move in the zigzag through the birch forest before we finally land in the tower next to the parking lot. From the tower you lower yourself down to the ground with a rope on the outside of the tower.

This package gives you a nice zipline trip through the birch forest and a lovely adrenaline rush at the end of the tower, all with the highest security through our Swiss-made security system from Kanopeo.

Time: about 2h

Price: 595sek

Youth under 18 – SEK 395


To ride: At least 140cm length & max 120kg

Pregnant women should abstain from this activity.


We recommend a pair of better shoes such as running shoes and preferably some kind of goretex shoes if it is less good weather. Gloves with good grip and fit are a must at our high altitude and ziplines. A water bottle, which is possible to attach to the harness (with a carbine or the like), can be good when it is hot days. If you want to go Zipline and have long hair, it is a requirement that you have this set up. If you have glasses, we recommend that you use lenses instead or have a cord that you can attach to the glasses. We are not responsible for damaged glasses or other belongings during the activities.

We have gloves and hats for sale if you forget this.

Reservation Policy

Minimum number: At least 6 people are needed for us to be able to implement the adventure. If we decide that the activity cannot be carried out due to too small a group or weather conditions (it is only in the case of thunderstorms or very severe storms that we may interrupt) then this will be announced no later than 19:00 the night before the planned activity. If you are fewer than 6 persons who book, there are usually many more who book the same time, which means that we will carry out the activity as planned.

Cancellation is possible with full refund (minus the bank’s transaction fees) up to one week before the activity is booked, then Orbaden Zip & Climb AB repays 50% of the amount. If canceled later than 3 days before the activity, no refund will be made.