Extreme 13/6-30/9 – 16:00


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At Zip & Climb, the nature experience is at the center. Together with our guides, you walk and zip, in the Ljusnan valley, through fantastic birch and pine forest.
Våra klättringar och zippar sker främst i små grupper och tillsammans med minst två instruktörer. Inga förkunskaper krävs, och all utrustning ingår.


Extreme begins with a guided hike up the precipice. There, our high-altitude course Hälsingevy takes over and leads us up the precipice and further in the trees above the cliff towards the start of our SuperZipline. The view over Ljusnandalen is magically beautiful and the high-altitude course Hälsingevy is made to suit everyone.

After this comes the SuperZippen, a tooth track of almost 500 meters with over 70 meters of drop height. As an adult, you reach 80 km / h when the fastest is possible, and the experience becomes something extra special as it can be shared with a friend who is also on the rope next door. This is Sweden's fastest tandem discipline, and the references in the tree tops make the speed really tangible. At the landing we are slowed down by a magnetic brake at a distance of 30 meters, also it is an experience that is felt in the stomach.

The adventure then continues high up in the pine crowns next to the landing. In our high-altitude course, which we have given the name Trädtoppsadrenalin, the body really gets a workout. The course ends with a Zipline over to the tower which is about 50 meters away. From the tower, another Zipline follows down to the ground again. 

We dare to promise that this package, in addition to beautiful nature, gives pulse, several times over. 
All with the high security through our Switzerland-manufactured security system from Kanopeo.

Tidsåtgång: ca 3h

Pris: 895kr

Ungdom under 18år – 695kr

To ride: At least 140cm length & max 120kg

Pregnant women should refrain from this activity.


We recommend a pair of better shoes such as running shoes and preferably some kind of goretex shoe if there is less good weather. Gloves with good grip and fit are a must in our high altitude areas and ziplines. A water bottle, which it is possible to attach to the harness (with a carbine or similar), can be good when it is hot days. If you are going to Zipline and have long hair, it is a requirement that you have a hair cord or buff that you can put your hair in. . We are not responsible for damaged glasses or other belongings during the activities.

We have gloves and buffs for sale if you forget this.

Reservation Policy

Minimum number: At least 6 people are needed for us to complete the adventure. This does not apply during the high season, 13 / 6-16 / 8. Then we run all the times. However, please book well in advance before most times will be fully booked. 

If we decide that the activity cannot be carried out due to too small group or weather conditions (it is only during thunderstorms or very severe storms that we must interrupt) then this is announced no later than 19:00 the night before the planned activity. If you have fewer than 6 people booking, there are usually many more who book at the same time, which means that we will carry out the activity as planned.

Cancellation is possible with full refund (minus the bank's transaction fees) up to one week before the activity is booked, after which Orbaden Zip & Climb AB repays 50% of the amount. If canceled later than 3 days before the activity, no refund will be made.